Rehab Products 復康產品

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    Airtube Cushion 充氣式氣墊

    This Standard Airtube cushion has a 6 cm standard height profile. Comes with a hand pump and seat cover. It is made of full rubber.

    HK$2,480 HK$2,180
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    Ergobaum 7G Foldable Ergonomic Crutches 摺疊式手杖

    Price indicated is for a pair of Ergobaum.


    • Advancing the technology of crutches for your comfort and mobility.
    • A new generation of mobility support with enhanced safety, performance, comfort, and elegance. Ergobaum Crutches improve the quality of life for those needing to use walking devices- either for a temporary injury or for a chronic condition.
    • With Ergobaum Crutches, you no longer have to suffer from hand, wrist, arm, or shoulder pain.
    • If you have felt inconvenienced and awkward using standard crutches, you can finally have some conveniences and accommodations that make getting around easier for you. Ergobaum Crutches are the new standard.
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    Free2GO (Urine Collector) 隱藏式小便收集器

    • 泌尿專科醫生設計專利
    • 針對前列腺 或 失禁等問題男仕。
    • 從此跟成人尿片 及 導尿管 說不!
    • 不會溢出,沒有滲漏,沒有氣味。
    • 長期保持皮膚乾爽,不會受到感染。
    • 舒適、方便使用、避免尷尬 !
    • 日常重覆使用,清潔衛生,經濟耐用。


    HK$880 HK$780
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    Galaxy 康復氣墊

    Galaxy 康復氣墊

    壓瘡,又名“褥瘡”,是因為經常受壓或摩擦造成的結合壓力導致在皮膚上局部受傷和/或組織下形成的骨性隆起的疾病。最普遍的患處是在薦骨、尾骨、 腳跟和臀部的位置。其他患處如肘、膝、腳踝或顱骨亦會受影響。

    HK$4,800 HK$4,200
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    Pocket Cane 伸縮柺杖


    HK$880 HK$680
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    Stable Walker 三脚柺杖

    Unique patented All-Angle Tripot Stand provides much better support and flexibility to adapt uneven surfaces.


    • Made with strong & lightweight alluminum alloy. (Height adjustable).
    • Comes with suspension to ease the tension on hand and arm.
    • and reflector for night out.
    • Anti-slip rubber tip for safety and with Spikes for hiking
    HK$980 HK$780
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    Transfer Board 摺合轉移板

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    X-Crutch 柺杖

    Xcrutch 是一對獨有的腋下柺杖,配備易用記憶功能,不需要每一次使用時調校,只需拉出即可以使用。

    • 適合身高130至190厘米的人士使用。
    • 柺杖收起時長高度僅67厘米
    • 主要組件由鋁合金製造。
    • 柺杖表面經硬質氧化塗層處理,防止刮花及銹蝕。
    • 配有鈦灰或青銅色。
    • 每邊 Xcrutch 僅重0.5千克。
    • 臂墊和扶手附按人體工學設計,適合長時間使用,感覺舒適。
    • 臂墊和扶手配有防菌功能。
    • 臂墊配有防滑功能,令使用者可以安全步行。
    • 易於鈎在枱邊或椅子上。
    • 價格以一對計算。

    HK$2,780 HK$2,580